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Welcome to Rowland Thomas & Co. It is my goal to continue to be the most thoughtful and comprehensive firm dedicated to settling your estate.   It is my intention to provide relief to what is frequently an overwhelming situation by performing an auction, hosting an estate sale or buying out the contents of the estate.

II'll get you from where you are today to realtor ready.

I serve all of NYC, the Hudson Valley, Northern N.J. and Western CT and Massachusetts


Services Provided

  • Auction Services (Residential & Commercial) On or Off-Site

  • Estate Sales

  • Whole House Cleanouts

  • Small Senior Moves

  • Antique Appraisals

  • House Prep for Sale

  • Buying precious stones and metals, antique pieces or collections

  • Coming in early 2023 - Real Estate Sales


Whether you choose one or a combination of services you can be assured of professionalism and integrity.  Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.


Check out these upcoming estate sales /auctions in December and stay tuned for the upcoming auctions.

Coming this week is a Jewelry auction featuring some attractive gold and silver pieces including several pieces of Tiffany and Cartier.

Browse all current and past auctions and estate sales from Rowland Thomas Co. LLC. (


A second and third auction coming in the next few days will feature fine art from Salvador Dali and noted Polish artist  Kossak among others and a very tastefully decorated MCM Pawling NY home

Stay tuned for more fantastic  auctions and estate sales coming later this week!!  

Need To Settle an Estate?  Here's My 4 Step Process 

After visiting the property to take an assessment of what you're dealing with I'll email a proposal to you to share with all of the decision makers. For most clients the proposal will go as follows

1 I'll recommend an auction for the higher quality items as that format will frequently yield the most value for you.  It can be fine antiques, curiosities, silver, autos etc.  The auction is exclusively online. My fee is 25% of the auction proceeds.

2.  The second step is to have an estate sale for all the other things like tools in the garage, household items, furnishings, garden and patio etc.  This is an in-person event usually over a one to three day period.  My fee is 30% of the sale proceeds

3. Now is the time to deal with those things that are unsaleable but still are worthy of a second chance. Habitat for Humanity is great for furnishings and the Vietnam Vets is a great outlet for smaller items. 

4. The final step is the removal of all of what remains which if the first three steps were followed correctly, will have no value.  Priced separately and only after visiting the property

You're now ready for your realtor for photos or if you're in contract, ready for your final walkthrough. 

Ancient statue of the antique god of com




The process is simple. 

  • I come to you and photograph all of the items you're prepared to auction.  They can stay in place there or the items can be taken off site - the choice is yours. 

  • I will research and catalogue all of the lots in the estate, provide detailed descriptions and anticipated sale price ranges. 

  • The items will be placed into an online auction open to bidders nation wide

  • I'll actively promote the auction to get as many bidders as possible.

  • Once the auction closes I distribute items to the winning bidders in person at a set time window or shipping can be arranged.

Its that simple!


Vintage Cameras


So this is most frequently utilized approach for everything else that isn't in your auction.  I create and manage an event that will sell everything from patio furniture and garfden tools to bedroom sets and everything in between.  I personally promote and run the sale itself.  There is no out of pocket expense, no cancellation fees, set-up fees etc. My fee is 30% of the sale proceeds and is paid only at the completion of the sale.   Most importantly, every single sold item is recorded in a ledger with the description and the price this way the cash delivered to you at the end of the sale reconciles with the ledger.  One more point about pricing - for your large ticket items I'll prepare a spreadsheet that we'll review together in advance of the event so there's no mystery and you can feel good about the sale. 


There are a lot of good firms out there but  If the estate sale company you're dealing with isn't transparent about their pricing or their accounting, that should be a red flag to you.

We have a tremendous mailing list.  Your event will have daily email reach to: 

  • Poughkeepsie, Newburgh Middletown area of 19,784 subscribers

  • Rockland County and New York City 36,224

  • Bridgeport and Stamford CT of 27,169 subscribers

  • Albany 11,647 subscribers

  • Westchester 18,728 subscribers

  • Northern NJ is 36,827

And that's before social media advertising of your event!



Let us know how we can assist you.

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Hardwood Floor


Not everything sells. The truth is personal style, fashion and furnishings are ever changing. Sometimes items have just simply reached the end of their useful life.   So when attempts to sell and donate have been exhausted it's time for disposal.  I will personally supervise the cleanout and leave it broom swept, get the container removed and return your focus back to the most important aspect which is to get the house sold.  This service is done respectfully and thoughtfully.   The price will vary depending on variables like quantity, distance etc.  Most cleanouts are done in one day.  Unlike other franchise junk removal companies, I will also remove mattresses, paint and chemicals.

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Painting the Wall


Whether it's family, work or maybe you're out of state there's frequently something that gets in the way of doing those little things that are the difference between a quick sale of the property and one that sits.  There's no limit to what we can do - complete cleaning, painting, light cosmetic upgrades and exterior property management including plowing and landscape management.

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Vintage Theater Glasses


First takeaway from this process is that if there are any special mementos for you or a family member, consider saving them. Once the sale or auction is over you need to feel good about the sale and without regrets. If you're undecided I encourage you not to sell it. 

How do you price?  Pricing of large ticket items are agreed on beforehand. Smaller items like garden tools for instance are not individually tagged and are priced on the fly at the sale. 

Can the owners attend the sale?  its up to you if you want to attend the sale and family participation is welcome, with limitations - too many people makes it unnecessarily crowded and potentially awkward for buyers.  However Sometimes neighbors and friends will share stories which can be bittersweet if dealing with the loss of a loved one. I don't recommend family participate in a cleanout however.

What sells well? Antiques, garden elements, grills and patio furniture. Tools from the shed and garage are perpetually popular. Kitchen items, art, records, decorative items and musical instruments always do well.
What doesn't sell well?  It's my experience that dark wood furniture and plush couches or mattresses as well as china and stemware don't do well. 
Should I throw things away? Yes and no. There's a lid for every pot and what you think might be an old set of towels could be an important purchase for a family who may not have the same discretionary income as someone else. However, if the house is so cluttered you can't get around, get rid of what's necessary so you can function.

 How do you set-up for the sale?  We do all the heavy lifting and bring tables. Generally people like to treasure hunt so only a limited amount of staging is performed. I do ask that any weapons and prescription medications be removed.
Weapons? Under no circumstances will they be allowed onsite during a sale.  I work closely with a licensed gun dealer to safely remove hand guns from the premises. They may buy them or put on consignment.  Long guns may also be purchased outright by me or placed in an auction.
Vehicles? Yes, they're welcome to be part of the sale or auction If you're selling a vehicle at an estate sale, my fee will be reduced.  Be sure you have clear title.
Is your rate negotiable? You'll find my fees are generally on the lower end of spectrum but if several services are being chosen or it's an exceptional collection we can certainly discuss a customized price.

Can I set a reserve on items?  Yes of course.  However, understand this  may result in an upfront cost.   Online auction platforms take a percentage of the buyers premium. So when a reserve is placed the probability of sale diminished.  

MOST IMPORTANTLY - Be sure that items that are important to you or should stay in the family is dealt with in advance of any sale.  I want my clients to feel good about the items they sold not regrets.

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Call me anytime. If I can't pick-up I'm sure to get right back to you. Text is great too.


Thanks for submitting!

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